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Pager Duty Alert : High Memory Usage

Published on Tue Jul 04 2023

You're a developer. You have a successful SaaS running on a couple of machines in the #cloud.

You're a developer. You have a successful SaaS running on a couple of machines in the #cloud.

So far, you've adopted the #Lean strategy : you developed and shipped fast to get quick feedback on your product.

It is pretty successful, and you have good traction.

There is a consequence though. You haven't spent enough time (yet) to optimize your platform. There is :

  • this SQL query loading a whole table in memory here
  • this "for" loop doing too much work without caching anything there
  • this page loading all the rows without pagination there
  • etc.

Since you're very serious about your business, you've put some alerting mechanism to be alerted when something goes wrong. Typically, each day, you receive more messages from PagerDuty than your (girl/boy)friend.

When you're on your computer, it's fine. You have everything at hand to restart your server when there is a high memory usage on one of your servers.

Telling yourself that you really need to fix this memory leak or optimize this SQL query.

But imagine you're not at home. Instead, you're laying down on the wonderful beach pictured above, enjoying well deserved vacations. It's Summer Time after all !

You don't want to bring your fancy #MacBook M3 Pro Ultra there because vacations are vacations.

But on the other hand, you don't want your customers to have problems using your platform. Because Customer is king.

Stop thinking now and invest in your tranquility.

Get RebootX now and manage / restart / stop your servers in the cloud in one click.

Any questions ? Contact us at feedback@c100k.eu.

Chafik H'nini

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