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Open Source Services Provisioning

Published on Thu Jan 04

Provision open source apps seamlessly on your AWS account, empowering cost-effective alternatives to pricey SaaS. Your data, your control!

Let's introduce the next BIG thing on RebootX : Provisioning of open source services on your own cloud account, à la Terraform / OpenTofu.

Matomo, PrestaShop, Wordpress ... and more to come. Because we strongly believe that the right open source service can easily replace a costly SaaS !

How does it work concretely ?


You need to have one or multiple AWS accounts connected. This feature is only available on AWS for now, but the others will arrive soon.We'll explain one day, why we always start with AWS.

After selecting the region, the type of instance, the service, the domain name, the email and the IP address of the admin, the magic happens : everything is created from scratch on your own AWS account.

Your product, Your account, Your data !

The only manual action that you need to perform, is to create an A record on your DNS registrar when the process asks for it. This will be streamlined when we integrate them (e.g. Gandi, Route53, GoDaddy, etc.).

Still in beta, we hope you'll love the feature and give us your precious feedback from the new dedicated form.

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We've also improved the overall UI/UX. Will you find what has changed on the instances list ?

Chafik H'nini

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