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Azure integration and more

Published on Thu Jan 25

Explore seamless Azure integration with easy setup via a video guide. New update includes a handy indicator to identify and update expired credentials for a smoother experience. ⚠️

Many of you have asked for it : Welcome to the new Azure integration ! Like for the other providers, the process is pretty simple : follow the video in the app to create your credentials, connect your account and you're good to go !

Azure integrationAzure integration

This update is also the occasion to bring something else you've asked : some credentials have a lifetime, depending on the provider. Hence the need to identify right from the Control Panel, which ones are not valid anymore. We've added a small indicator to detect them. If it's red, it's time to update them. Otherwise, all good. You can click on the small ⚠️ to know more about the precise error.

Invalid credentials indicatorInvalid credentials indicator

Hope you will enjoy this update. As usual, let us know if you have any question.

Chafik H'nini

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