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Introducing RebootX On-Prem

Published on Wed Mar 27

RebootX On-Prem: Turn a Raspberry Pi into a comprehensive on-premises infrastructure solution, managing servers with ease.

Because life is not only in the cloud, we are introducing RebootX On-Prem.

A simple OpenAPI spec + A simple and secure HTTP server = Your On-Prem infra in your pocket !

Connect your custom server and list your instances with their metrics (CPU, RAM, Uptime, Disk usage...).

As usual, you can reboot, stop and even connect via SSH.

RebootX On-Prem with a Raspberry PiRebootX On-Prem with a Raspberry Pi

On the picture above, you can see the app connected to a Raspberry Pi in a local network.

But you can do much more than that ! Browse the open source repository to get started making your own implementation.

Chafik H'nini

Want to give it a try ? Get the app for free on the stores.

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