Your infra in your pocket
Your infra in your pocketConnect Cloud and On-PremManage your instancesExecute commands via SSHVisualize your dashboards

A problem on your infra can happen anywhere, anytime

Gain peace of mind : Solve or alleviate the problem directly from your smartphone

Connect any compatible cloud provider and On-Prem
Visualize Prometheus node-exporter metrics
Stop or Reboot anything
SSH into a server to execute commands
Create SSH command macros to act faster
Visualize your Grafana dashboards
Provision open source services like Matomo, PrestaShop, Wordpress

Designed with Security & Privacy in mind : All the credentials are stored locally in your keychain.

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Compute VMs
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Compute VM Instances
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Public Cloud InstancesVPS
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Compatible with RebootX On-Prem and :

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) : EB Environments, EC2 Instances
  • Microsoft Azure : Compute VMs
  • Clever Cloud : Applications
  • Google Cloud (GCP) : Compute VM Instances
  • OVH : Public Cloud Instances, VPS
  • Scaleway : Apple Silicons, Instances
  • Grafana : Gauges, Stats, Timeseries